Jen Willis, LISW, LCSW

With a mindful approach, the services that I offer utilize a Love and Logic lens and client-centered therapy.

This means that my primary goal is to guide your child to solve his/her own problems, and support you, as the parent or guardian, in strengthening your relationship with your child while helping you enjoy parenting.

I am a licensed Social Worker, my specialty is families and children. I have worked as a School Counselor for nearly 20 years with students ranging from elementary to high school.  I also have 2 boys of my own, and I use a Love and Logic lens as a parent – this provides me with personal experiences I can share with you!

I look forward to meeting you and your family and supporting your healing and learning process.

To learn more about Love and Logic, visit and check out their parenting tips.

I like to meet my clients in person before we set up an offical contract. Contact me today if you wuld like to know more!