Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Mexico.  Master’s Degree in Social Work,  Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy, and a Licensed Educator and Leader.

Love and Logic

Trained facilitator for Love and Logic, a program that changes the lives of parents, teachers and kids through practical, effective and fun techniques.

Building a Relationship

It is important that you are comfortable working with with me.  We will meet in person to ensure that I’m the right fit for you.

Holistic Approach

Holistic meaning addressing the whole life of the person, not just the problem they are seeking counseling for.

Mission Statement

Walk the Walk Counseling LLC was established to provide support to our community: parents, families, and children.  The support provided empowers parents and their children to determine who owns any given problem and provide them the resources to solve them.

Are You Looking for Some Guidance on Your Journey?

Our work together will begin with two essential questions:
What do you think your first step will be?How can you be assured of your success?

How I Can Help

Avoiding Power Struggles

When you choose a one-liner and combine it with empathy, you can avoid power struggles.

Ending Arguments

When you remove the audience in an empathic way, you can avoid arguments.

Sharing Power

While using empathy, provide 2 choices you can live with. Give your child 5 seconds to choose before you choose for them.

Would you prefer to talk before being added to my waitlist? Give me a call.